Go The Distance Baseball

Our mission is to increase opportunities for success and enjoyment in the game of baseball by developing the physical and mental skills required to excel and progress within the game.

Hello and welcome to GTD Baseball!


This is the fun part of the game. We believe in teaching you not only how to hit, but how to hit well, consistently. Including basic fundamentals of proper stance and balance, to pitch recognition and advanced situational hitting. GTD will take you to the next level at the plate..


Balance, mechanics, control, velocity, arm safety and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to get your flat-ground work in, or looking to learn the art of pitching; GTD believes in teaching pitching from the ground up.


Learn to play defense like a pro. You’ll learn and perfect your feet and body position to get yourself in the right spot to get the out every time.

Mental Approach

Most of success and failure in baseball happens between the ears. How you approach situations on the field, mentally, could be the difference between wins and losses.

Knowledge of the game

Where is the next play? Where should you be, and who should you throw the ball to? We develop proper instincts for offense, defense and in the dugout to ensure that you’re never unsure what you should do next.